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As 2008 comes to a close, I've been giving some thought to my resolutions for 2009. As in years past, I don't really have any, except for perhaps one. In this podcast, I discuss some things I'd like to see happen in 2009 and my one resolution.


Please email me at if you are unable to listen to the show, either by downloading it or by streaming it from the website. I'm experimenting with the m4a format instead of the mp3 format. m4a files are much smaller than mp3 (half the size) but have the same quality (as long as you're able to download it). I'm interested in any listener feedback.

I'll upload the mp3 version and replace the m4a version after a few days of seeing what happens.

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Episode #43 - 2008 in Review

I had a pretty good year in reference to the running events I participated in. I didn't win first place in anything but I didn't come in last either. In this podcast, I talk a little bit about some of the events I did with my friends.

A link mentioned in the show:

Running from the Reaper (Nigel's podcast)

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I was fortunate to run a personal best in the Charlotte (North Carolina) Marathon on December 13, 2008. In this show, I over-analyze my performance and talk about some of the details related to the race.

Some links mentioned in the show:

Run Ansky Run

Run Run Live

Music in the show from:


Derek K. Miller's "penmachine" (pretty cool)

United States Marine Band

"CHiPs" theme and "Sanford and Son" theme

are both available at

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I had a chance to do a training run with a good friend named Shelly. During the run, I asked her about her distance running and how she has overcome some obstacles to set her sights on a spring marathon.

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This is the last week of big mileage (relatively speaking for a middle of the pack runner) before the Charlotte Marathon. In this podcast, I talk a little about my race strategy and share a few great race reports from listeners.

My thanks to Tom for uploading the show to the server while my iBook was out of service.

Some links referenced in the show:

Running Off At The Mind running blog

Runner's Loungecast (podcast)

Music in this podcast was found at:

Derek Miller's Pen Machine Sessions

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