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You never realize how dependent upon you are on a laptop computer until it's gone for a few days. In this podcast, I put together some audio clips in a more crude fashion than previous shows due to my massive podcast production studio being in disrepair. I also provide a training update, go over some listener comments and wonder if my shoes are engineered to allow small rocks to get in every time I run.

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Skip a Week

I won't have a show this week due to my computer being in the shop for a repair.

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I posted a personal best at the Lower Potomac River Marathon in Maryland. And I did it with 40 minutes of walking! In this podcast, I explain how the 25/5 method benefitted me more than I thought it would.

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If you're slow like me, then it takes several hours to run twenty-two miles. A lot can happen in several hours. In this podcast, I 'run' into several people I know, several people I don't really know, and spend some time alone. I also get so mentally involved near the end of the run that I forget to take a walk break.

Some links mentioned in the podcast:

Disney's Princess Half Marathon

Lower Potomac River Marathon

Ashland Railroad 10k Run info page

Music by Garageband, U.S. Marine Band and Derek Miller's Penmachine

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