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O Canada - Episode #244

My friend, Ryan, lives in Calgaray, Canada but he used to live right here in central Virginia. He recently organized a relay team that covered 150 kilometers to celebrate Canada's 150th anniversary. His team came in 10th out of 37 teams which is awesome!


That and more in this edition of the Running in the Center of the Universe podcast!



And if you're interested in Spartan races, the code SPARTANDAD will get 50% off gear, $69 races & 2 free digital books with any race purchase (Spartan Up! & Spartan Fit!). Check out this link for more information:

This is the WESURG logo on the stickers mentioned in the show. Email me at if you want a sticker.


Music by Garageband and the late Derek Miller's Penmachine. "O Canada" was performed by an unknown artist. The recording is not copyrighted and is apparently in the public domain according to




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I thought doing a 50k in Michigan would be the only race I would do this spring but I'm still in good shape and decided to do another one. My next 50k will be in Virginia and it's an inaugural race directed by an excellent RD I'm familiar with. I guess we will see what happens! I talk about the upcoming Night Train 50k and other topics in this podcast. Thanks for listening!


Night Train 50k




Music by Garageband, U.S. Marine Band, and the late Derek Miller's Penmachine.

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