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Episode #39 - Local Stuff

Ashland is a small town but never is there a dull moment. In this podcast, I talk a little about some of the local stuff going on while going for a training run.

Some links mentioned in the show:

Talk of the Town Ashland news

Charlotte's Thunder Road Marathon

Trilogy Running podcast


NBC's Peter Greenberg's take on Ashland

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After taking a week off from running, I hit the road again in my futile attempt to actually pound myself into the pavement. In this podcast, I talk about what's on my mind and make a plea to all male runners out there to take care of their nipples.

Some links mentioned in the show (I think I mentioned these):

Trilogy Running Podcast

Run Run Live podcast

Runcast TV

Charlotte's "Thunder Road" Marathon

The opening sound clip was from the 1998 movie, "There's Something About Mary."

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The Outer Banks Marathon is now over. There is so much preparation for just one day of running. Sometimes it's a good day, and sometimes it's a bad day. I had a good day.

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Episode #36 - Marathon Week

Tom and I ran a few miles together and talked about our upcoming marathon in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

A few links were mentiond during the show:

Run Ansky Run (Ari's blog)

Run With Me (Cindy's blog)

Outer Banks Marathon

Outer Banks Marathon picture tour with accompanying map (pretty cool)

SPI Belt (small personal item belt)

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