This podcast is about a recent service at the Arlington National Cemetery that was held to honor my uncle, a WWII veteran. The service at Arlington was incredible and very honorable. Also in the podcast is a discussion about necessary suffering vs. non-necessary suffering in reference to distance running.

Music by Garageband, U.S. Marine Band, and the late Derek Miller's Penmachine.

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  • jami

    Catching up on your shows. Wanted to wish you good luck on your 100K. You sound both physically and mentally ready. I have a good friend buried in Arlington. It is an amazing yet chilling cemetery. I will be running the Marine Corps Marathon for the 3rd time this year in honor of the Team4Hope–wounded warriors. It is an amazing race honoring amazing people. I cannot help but get choked up running the last mile up the road with Arlington Cemetery standing proudly at the top of the hill. Keep up the podcast. Love to catch up with your accomplishments. Run with joy


    Feb 23, 2012 at 5:53 pm