I'm right on the verge of suffering from overuse injury(s) because I'm not an elite runner. I'm an ordinary nobody, middle of the pack runner, who is trying to do something extraordinary. The extraordinary part is preparing to run yet another 50 mile ultramarathon. This podcast is about that and other frank comments about endurance running.

Bull Run Run 50 Mile Ultra info

2011 Ashland Railroad Run 10k race info

2011 Ashland Railroad Run 10k registration info

Music by Garageband and U.S. Marine Band.

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  • Schnitzel

    Been behind on your podcasts but just caught so wanted to let you know you have a listener in Mechanicsville.

    Also, ran the Railroad Race this morning. I like that the 5K was over with before the 10K start. And also, after running the new course with the double loops I gotta say I have learned to like them. Last year I was worried I’d mess it up and take a wrong turn but this year it just made the race seem shorter. I looked forward to them.

    We were lucky to have another great day of weather for this race but just wanted to let you know the race was very well organized. I think you and everyone else did a great job. I’m forgiving of mistakes by community based runs but even if I was looking for something to complain about I couldn’t find anything. Well..except that there was no petting zoo this year.

    Apr 30, 2011 at 6:42 pm
  • Chris in Georgia

    Really enjoyed this episode, along with the followup w/ Mandy on the Keys 100. She’s definitely got an “A” game in her racing, and you can tell it by listening to her. Amazing… serious talent is amazing to watch.

    This sounds fairly ridiculous, but for me, it makes perfect sense I guess. I’ve downloaded a handful of my favorite episodes of the podcast and I listen to them during my daily runs (8-12) miles, over and over again. That’s crack-addict type of stuff, yeah? Seriously. I will listen to particular episode once while I start the run, and then just replay it a couple of more times as I go through the run. Must have been the result of too much heavy drinking in college, not sure.

    Race plans shaping up with:

    1. North Face Endurance Challenge 50 miler in Pine Mountain in Oct

    2. Soldier Marathon in Nov

    3. Pine Mountain 40 miler in Dec.

    4. Leadville Trail 100 M in Aug.

    Sounding pretty sweet, no doubt. Nice work, Dave. Really enjoying the fruits of your effort.

    May 3, 2011 at 7:55 am
  • Tom


    Thanks again for coming up to the BRR. I have to say this is my favorite Ultra so far, mostly because of the staff & volunteers were great. The course had a lot of flat runable sections, only problem is that they turned to mud pits because all the rain we had the night before. The stream crossing gave you an opportunity to get the mud off your shoes & there were enough hills to remind you to take walk breaks, but I definitely was not “hill traiined” enough for this race. I will try this one again next year.

    Another great Railroad Run in the books - well done.


    May 3, 2011 at 12:52 pm