Hear about some first time marathoners as well as a BQ attempt in this podcast.







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  • Chris in Georgia

    Oh yeah, Ashland Dave — I”m famous now ! Yeah, man, I have made into the podcast!

    Seriously, thanks for the mention in the show and it was great being a small part of it. I’m really digging the podcast and just today finished a 14 miler listening to a couple of the back episodes on the Shamrock Marathon race report as well as last weeks episode on the Keys race. The episode about the first timers race at Shamrock was especially cool because I think all of us can remember “the first one” and what it felt like crossing that finish line. Powerful stuff, Dave.

    Anyway, thanks for the ongoing podcast, I really look forward to seeing a new episode pop up in my reader.

    And no, I’m not asking how your feet are doing… (rofl)

    Nov 14, 2010 at 9:13 pm
  • Meriwether

    Great podcast Dave! I need to catch up on the ones that I’ve missed, but they’re the perfect length for a quick run after work. How neat that Chris in Georgia listened to the Shamrock podcast!

    Nov 23, 2010 at 10:29 pm
  • Crash Crider


    I am finally at a strong enough place mentally to where im ready to hear about the Richmond race day. That day questioned my very sole as a runner… without the support from you and my fellow Team Incognito friends im not sure that I would have even continued onwards in the sport. I was so close to quitting the sport for good. Im touched that you guys went to all the trouble to see me coming down the stretch. Sorry to keep you guys waiting for so long. You are a great friend.

    Anyways.. this sport is tough and thats probablly why we are all drawn to it. My new favorite statement is “Excellence is built on the edge of destruction”. That day in Richmond.. I went off the cliff. Ive done some crazy stuff in the past.. so I know I could have finished the race but ive never felt pain like that before and when I finally saw my children at mile 22 and they saw me crying.. they begged me to not continue onwards. it was a tough decision but I knew I would live to run another day.

    Anyways.. Ive talked to many many talented runners and they all say the same thing.. if you race hard enough for long enough.. eventually your going to have a less than desirable day.

    To update your listeners.. 3 weeks later.. I took a carefree, happy simply to be there attitude onto the Vegas Marathon starting line. Ran what was probablly the smartest race of my life… I failed to BQ but PR’ed by over 10 minutes. In 3 weeks time I went from the lowest of the lowest to having redemption.

    So to sum it.. even if you reach the lowest of the lowest.. keep moving forward because next time its a different day. Run Strong.


    Mar 24, 2011 at 11:35 am