My motivation seems to be back and for some reason it might have something to do with a guy who runs the wrong way on an indoor track. That and other commentary in this week's podcast.

Links mentioned in the show:

The Boring Runner

Annapolis 10 Miler

Music by Garageband, U.S. Marine Band, and the late Derek Miller's Penmachine

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  • Chris in GA


    Really enjoyed this episode.

    Since the Summer heat has beaten you up a bit, the past couple of shows have seemed different, just because you havent had the running enthusiasm that you normally do. It’s good to see you back in the game and excited about your training progresz for the upcoming half and 10 miler.

    As for the frequency of the show, man it’s fine to be shooting for bi weekly. While I would enjoy a weekly episode, that’s just too much effort to pull off without being fired and/or divorced. I “save up” your newest episodes for my long runs, so anything you put out is welcome in my book.

    North Face 50 miler @ pine mtn is in 7 weeks. Can’t wait.


    Aug 23, 2011 at 9:00 am
  • Rich in VaBeach

    Continue to catch up on your past shows as well as your newest one and you have a knack for easy conversation and making the show not only relevant to all things running but truly enjoyable.

    Very glad you are back in the groove, increasing your mileage and enjoying some much anticipated cooler temps.

    As too the Wrong Way issue, I absolutely agree with your frustration and knowing how I sometimes speak or gesture before I fully think it out, I might have been a bit rude to them out loud.

    We are anticipating bad things here in VB with Irene so I will most likely be offline for a few days, I think I have a podcast or two on my mp3 player. I am also wondering how much and how often I will be able to run over the next day and week but since it is leading into the Rock&Roll weekend, I guess a little tapering won’t hurt. Good luck at PM 1/2 as I think you guys are still on for tomorrow. Looking forward to a race report.

    Run Long and Run Strong my friend.


    Aug 26, 2011 at 8:52 am