The 2nd Patrick Henry Half Marathon is only a few days away. In this episode, I talk a little about last year's star performers and what my expectations are for this year. I also mention a few other things such as Body Glide and the high price of brand name running apparel.


  • Cindy

    Good Luck to you & your team tomorrow! I haven’t listened to this episode yet…I’m saving it for my long run tomorrow. Congratulations in advance!

    Aug 22, 2008 at 10:09 am
  • Denis Klisz

    Dave: Congratulations to you and your team in the running of the Patrick Henry Half. I am sure it is a milestone in the lives of many that trained with you. All of you have a right to be proud of your accomplishments.

    Video was great and seeing Lucy with her new hair style was a bonus.

    As to a fav run, I would have to say Rockwood Park. I have been running there for at least 25 years and really enjoy the spring and fall. Great for hill workouts and watching the sun come up over the lake really starts the day off right.

    Park is well maintained with asphalt ovals and trails as well. Recently, park staff have covered over many of the trail’s exposed roots with cinders. Great for lowering the impact on your knees.

    It is near Courthouse Road and Hull Street Road across from Oxbridge Square.

    Again, congrats to all the Patrick Henry runners.


    Aug 24, 2008 at 7:47 pm