I'm in "taper" mode now although the miles seem endless to get my body ready for the Outer Banks Marathon. In this episode, I hit the hills on Blunts Bridge Road (see a vulture having dinner) and have trouble deciding to run 5 or 7 miles. I also include a neat race report audio clip at the end of the show.

Some links related to what was mentioned in the show:

Ashland Harvest 10K Run

Trilogy Running Podcast

Mark Junkerman's Race Series (awesome)

Richmond (Virginia) Marathon

Super Kwik Half Marathon Results

2009 Texas Independence Relay

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  • Todd Crash

    I can’t seem to get the coach out of me. Stay with the 14.. I think thats a smarter move over the 18 :-)

    Great show as always!

    Oct 28, 2008 at 3:59 pm